Soli Farmers App

In India, 510 million farms under 5 acres are stewarded by family farmers who provide 33% of what we eat every day. A changing climate, exploitative markets, and infrastructure gaps affect their security and well-being.

Soli Farmers App

Built with and for farmers with varied literacy skills, Soli empowers successful farming. It's a free app with access to 800+ educational videos, plus products, services, and farm advisors who can assist in solving problems. Guided Learning Programs help farmers build confidence and stay connected.

The majority in South India speak at least one of the four major Dravidian languages: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam We connected with Ek Type, a collaborative type design studio based in Mumbai that specializes in developing fonts across all Indian languages, many of which are multi-script. We decided on Ek Mukta, a contemporary, humanist typeface with Latin, Tamil, Gujarati, and Mahee scripts.

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Accessibility is key in giving low literacy farmers access to relevant information. Text to speech audio using native speakers is incorporated throughout the interface with an audio icon tap. Gamification is used to increase engagement and provide rewards that are used on the ground and in the fields.

Soli Farmers App

Results & Impact

The MVP launched 1,100 pieces of content in four languages. Learning Programs included banana, dairy, ground nuts, and regenerative farming. More than 10,000 farmers across three states in India adopted the app. Soil outcomes increased 10% on average and household incomes increased an average of 25%.

Research Lead

Stacy Barnes

UX Lead

Aly Blenkin

Art Direction and Design

Jamison Lowell Jones

Chief Design Officer

Gaby Brink

Chief Strategist

Nathalie Destandau

Project Manager

Kim Ciabattari


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Barefoot College International

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